About the DNR Law Enforcement Division

Vision and Mission Statement

The Law Enforcement Division is responsible for protecting Georgia's wildlife populations by enforcing laws, rules and regulations pertaining to game and non game animals, threatened and endangered plants and animals, exotic animals, boating safety, litter and waste control and other natural resource issues. The LE Division also administers the state's hunter education and boating safety programs. Game Wardens investigate violations of wildlife laws, as well as hunting and boating incidents. Wardens also conduct classes and programs to educate citizens about wildlife laws and safety practices. Contact us to locate your local DNR office or Game Warden in your area.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Law Enforcement Division is to ensure that Georgia's natural resources will be conserved for our present and future generations.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Law Enforcement Division is to conserve our natural resources and to protect the people we serve.  We maintain public support through fair and vigorous law enforcement, quality education, and community involvement.  We commit ourselves to our Vision and Mission by practicing our core beliefs, which are trust, fairness, and professionalism.


The people we serve are entitled to the highest level of integrity in our public and private actions.


We conduct our duties without favoritism or bias.


We are committed to courteous, effective, and efficient service.

Wildlife Violator Compact

The Law Enforcement Division participates in the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact, which establishes a process whereby wildlife law violations by a non-resident from a member state is handled as if the person were a resident. Click here for more information on the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.

In Memoriam

Click here to view the "In Memoriam" page, that honors the names and sacrifices of our Law Enforcement officers who were sadly taken before their time.


Specialty License Plate for DNR Law Enforcement

Support the Game Wardens who provide public safety services on the water and in the woods and protect Georgia's natural and cultural resources by purchasing a Georgia DNR Law Enforcement Specialty License Plate!  
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Please watch our video on swimming and water safety.

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