DNR Law Enforcement Specialty License Plate

Show your support for Conservation Law Enforcement in Georgia by purchasing a Georgia Game Warden license plate for your vehicles or trailers!

Funds from the sale of this tag will go to further the operations of the Law Enforcement Division in its mission to conserve our natural resources and protect the people served by the Division .

Process for ordering new DNR Law Enforcement Game Warden license plate:

  • Visit your local tag office.

    • Be sure to bring your regular tag renewal notice.

  • Request the DNR Law Enforcement Specialty License Plate

    • If the tag agent has difficulty locating the DNR Law Enforcement plate in the system, they can use Code LR or search for key words: DNR Law Enforcement.

  • Pay the $25 manufacturing fee, your regular tag fee, and the $35 Specialty License Plate fee.

    • Note: the $25 manufacturing fee is a one-time charge. The $35 Specialty License Plate Fee is an annual charge.

  • Receive your license plate.

    • If the tag office does not have the plates in stock, you will be issued a temporary plate and your DNR Law Enforcement Game Warden license plate will be mailed to your residence within a few weeks.

Your support of conservation law enforcement is greatly appreciated!  

Please call 770-918-6408 if you have additional questions.

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