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Law Enforcement Division Headquarters

2070 U.S. Highway 278 S.E., Social Circle, GA  30025

Colonel Mike England, Director
Lieutenant Colonel James McLaughlin, Assistant Director
Major Bob Holley, Special Operations
Major Doyte Chaffin, Administrative Operations


Captain Jaye Bridwell, Chief Pilot
Lieutenant Ryan Buller, Pilot 
Lieutenant Sam Miller, Pilot



Lieutenant Eddie Tompkins, Investigative Unit Supervisor

Special Projects / Support

Lieutenant Wanda Roberts, Boating Law Administrator - Wildlife Violator Compact
Lieutenant Lynn Stanford, Special Permits Unit - Ranger Hotline
Lieutenant Adam Loudermilk, Special Projects - Communications/Computers

Training Unit

 Captain Mitch Oliver
 Sgt. Beth Gilbert


Public Affairs

  Mark McKinnon



Region Offices

The Law Enforcement Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources has its headquarters in Social Circle, Georgia, with offices in six Law Enforcement Regions around the state.

Click here for a listing of all Region offices and the contact phone numbers.

Click here to find your County Game Warden.

Click here to send a comment or question or request for information to the Law Enforcement Division.