Vessel Inspections

Hull Identification Number Inspection

A Hull Identification Number (HIN) Inspection is necessary when boat owners do not have a Hull Identification Number from the Manufacturer on any vessel built after 1972. HIN Inspections are also required for any Homemade vessel.

HIN Inspection Requirements

  • Customers must have initiated the registration process with GoOutdoors 1-800-366-2661 (paid for a registration) before a HIN Inspection can be performed.
  • HIN Inspections are conducted statewide based upon the Game Warden's availability.  Inspections CAN NOT be completed if customers have not paid for a registration.
  • BOAT OWNERS (not a friend or other family member) should have all documents and correspondence related to the boat, including the bill of sale, any registration documents that may be helpful during the HIN Inspection to support registration.
  • ONLY CONTACT your local Game Warden if you DO NOT have a HIN on your vessel or current data is invalid does not meet USCG requirements AND it is a 1972 or newer vessel / or any homemade vessel.
  • FIND your local Game Warden