Selection Process

The selection process for Game Warden employment is designed to evaluate an applicant’s suitability for a career with DNR. 

Background Investigation

All applicants are subject to a background investigation. An applicant must not have been convicted of any crime, for which the punishment has been imprisonment in a Federal or State prison, nor shall he/she have been convicted of sufficient misdemeanors to establish a pattern of disregard for the law. Each applicant must successfully pass a polygraph examination. The polygraph examination will consist of a series of questions, dealing with substance abuse and/or criminal activity.

Physical Skills

An applicant must pass a physical agility test demonstrating physical skills, which are used in the performance of duties as a Game Warden.

The physical agility test consists of the following events:

  • Complete the POST Physical Agility Course in less than 2:07
  • 1½ mile track run in less than 16:00
  • 25 meter clothed swim (t-shirt and swimsuit)

Oral Interview

Each applicant must compete for current vacancies before a panel of experienced Game Wardens. The panel will ask each applicant a series of questions to determine the applicant’s experience and knowledge in the areas of hunting, fishing, boating and related outdoor activities. The applicant’s appearance, demeanor, verbal skills and ability to make sound judgment will also be assessed during the interview.

Medical Evaluation, Drug Screening and Psychological Evaluation

All applicants must successfully pass a thorough medical examination by a licensed physician. All medical standards must be met in the areas of vision, hearing, ENT, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, rectal, hernia, genital/urinary, back and neck, extremities, nervous system, emotional stability and laboratory analysis.

Body Art, Tattoos, Brands, Images, Expressions

Body art, tattoos, brands or images that are visible or may become visible while on duty or in uniform are prohibited.

Body piercing which is visible anytime while on duty and/or in uniform is prohibited.

The display of any unprofessional or offensive image, phrase or other expression, or excessive tattoos shall not be tolerated.

For the purpose of this section, “display” includes:

  • May become visible during member’s work activities, and or
  • The image, phrase or other expression is found on any clothing item or accessory worn by the member at any time

Unprofessional or offensive shall include but not limited to:

  • Depictions of nudity, violence or criminal activity
  • Sexually explicit/vulgar art, words, profane language
  • Symbols likely to incite a strong negative reaction in any group, i.e. swastikas, etc.
  • Initials, symbols or acronyms that represent criminal or historically oppressive organizations or activities e.g. AB, KKK, SS, street gang names, and/or symbols

Illegal Drug Use

Any of the following will disqualify a person from employment in a sworn position with the DNR, LED:

  • Current illegal drug use
  • Deliberate misrepresentation of illegal drug history in connection with the application and employment process
  • Illegal sale, distribution, transporting, possession, or manufacturing (to include growing) of any drug
  • Illegal use of any drug while employed in any law enforcement or criminal justice position or while employed in any position which carries a high level of responsibility or public trust
  • Deliberate association of a personal nature within the past one (1) year with persons who use or possess illegal drugs in the presence of the applicant
  • Deliberate association will be determined by: Number of instances, Circumstances of incident(s), and/or Applicant’s response or lack of response to the incident(s)
  • Use or illegal possession of marijuana or any cannabis derivative within three (3) years of the application date
  • Any pattern of marijuana, or any cannabis derivative, use or illegal possession that suggests un-rehabilitated substance abuse
  • Use or illegal possession of any illegal drug or combination of illegal drugs, other than marijuana or any cannabis derivative, within ten (10) years of the application date
  • Use or illegal possession of any illegal drug or combination of illegal drugs, other than marijuana or any cannabis derivative, more than five (5) times
  • Any pattern of drug use that suggests un-rehabilitated substance abuse
  • Use of any prescription drug prescribed to another will be evaluated by the LED Director

Additional Information

For additional information on becoming a Game Warden, please call the DNR Training Academy in Forsyth, GA at (478) 993-4540 or e-mail the Academy at

  Written inquiries must be submitted to:

  DNR Training Academy

  1000 Indian Springs Drive

   Forsyth, GA 31029