POST Entrance Exam

Applicants who are POST Certified must provide a copy of their POST Certification Certificate when applying for a Law Enforcement position with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

POST Entrance Examination Information

Applicants who are not POST Certified and do not possess a completed Associates, Bachelor’s or Graduate Degree must pass the POST Entrance Exam to be considered for Law Enforcement positions within DNR. Candidates may utilize scores from the following tests to meet the POST Entrance Exam requirement. Currently the ASSET, COMPASS, ACCUPLACER CLASSIC, ACCUPLACER NEXT GEN, SAT, ACT and CPE are accepted. 

The ACCUPLACER Next Gen / Classic test is currently the official POST Entrance Exam for law enforcement candidates. The ACCUPLACER tests are administered through the Technical College System of Georgia at various Technical Colleges throughout Georgia. The ACCUPLACER tests are a computer-based exam that provides immediate results. This test measure reading, writing and numerical skills.

Below are the minimum scores required for satisfying O.C.G.A. 35-8-8 regarding completion of the POST Entrance Examination.


* This score is used for evaluation purposes only and does not determine whether a candidate successfully passes the exam. 

   Applicants who are not POST Certified are required to provide a copy of their test results when applying for a Game Warden position with DNR.

  There is a $15 - $25 fee to take either of these exams. This fee is payable at the exam location.

POST Entrance Examination Access Form

POST Entrance Exam applicants must take a completed copy of the POST Entrance Exam Access Form to the testing location when taking the exam. This form can be found by clicking this link: POST Entrance Exam Access Form.

POST Entrance Examination Testing Locations

The POST Entrance Exam Technical College Location Listing can be found by clicking this link: POST Entrance Exam Technical College Location Listing .

Testing varies by location, please contact the test site directly to get testing information, directions, etc.

REMINDER: Applicants must take the POST Entrance Exam Access Form with them to the test location.

ACCUPLACER Exam Sample Questions and Information

Click here for ACCUPLACER sample questions for students.