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POST Certification

Applicants who are not POST Certified must attend an 11-week Basic Law Enforcement Training Course at one of the Georgia Public Safety Training Center Regional Academies upon hire.

DNR Academy

Upon obtaining their POST Certification, Cadets will attend 15 weeks of mandated law enforcement training at the DNR Academy located at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth, GA. Upon successful completion of this training, the applicant will become a Game Warden.

Field Training

The next step in the training process is a six-month probationary field-training period. Game Wardens also receive annual in-service training updates consisting of a minimum of 20 hours each year.

Advanced Training

Game Wardens may also apply for advanced training such as the US Coast Guard National Boating School, Federal Marine Law Enforcement Training Program and the FBI National Academy and Command College.

NOTE: Applicants that are POST Certified upon hire will start the field training period prior to attending the DNR Academy in January.

Image of Ranger patrol truck with Ranger boat on boat ramp