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Special Permits


Mail All Completed Applications to:
2070 US Hwy 278, Social Circle  GA 30025

Special Permit Applications


Wild Animal / Exotics Information

A Guide to Legal Pets

Laws Related to Native Wildlife

Nuisance Wildlife: Prevention & Management

Select this page to review multiple items of information relative to managing nuisance wildlife, including lists of nuisance trappers, how to become a trapper, preventing wildlife damage, trapping rules and regulations and much more.

Dog Deer Hunting Permits & Permit Application

A permit is required to legally hunt deer with dogs in Georgia. This information should help answer frequently asked questions about this permit. Also, get an application here.


Peregrine falcons are considered the world’s fastest bird, with dives clocked at 200 mph-plus and falconers prize peregrines for their spectacular hunting skills.  Click on the link above for more on falconry, including a guide and permit application, as well as information on the trapping of falcons in the eastern U.S.